Thursday, August 18, 2011


What's up, party people?

It has been a WHILE. Sorry for the delay. Y'all know how much I like being on here! Anyway, an update. Still working at my job where I work my bum off for foreigners to leave me crap tips all day. Yay.

In other news, I have recently been given some information about possibly furthering my career, so I'm utilizing it and trying some new things. There are so many of my peers out there doing the things I WANT to be doing so I'm not going to hold back-I'm just going to do it!

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? I do, like, all the time. I mean, you wake up, you do the ish you gotta do and then you sleep. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Try and fit some fun things in. Make some money. Enjoy your life. Surround yourself with people you love. I am trying to save money but also trying to save sanity and therefore trying to work only 5 days a week if possible. I try to take an hour here to watch Rookie Blue (guilty pleasure, sorry) or an hour there to read Cosmo and find out about some stupid sex move that you KNOW they've printed in the last seven months' issues as well, but they move a few words around and all of a sudden missionary position just sounds SO newfangled and exciting!! Trying to make time for everything can be so exhausting. I've got a list in front of me right now and exactly none of the many cells in my body are moving to cross anything off. You ever add stuff to your list that you've already done just so you can cross it off and FEEL accomplished? It's okay, me too.

BF and I just started this ten week bootcamp Wednesday. We meet at 7:15 in a park in LA and basically don't stop moving for an hour. We do circuit training, a bunch of cardio bursts and different muscle workouts. Phew! Two days in and I'm exhausted but also feel like a creaky 80-year-old every time I try to stand. (Note to self:maybe try stretching for more than say, twenty seconds). She makes us do push-ups in the soggy ground. (BF goes to me: "You've got dirt all over you." Me:"No shit! I just spent a minute practically making love to this soggy ground!) We do a bunch of stuff, including racing each other in teams. (C'mon, just 'cuz I can still wear my high school cross country t-shirt doesn't mean I've been running marathons, people). We love us some walking lunges and did this thing yesterday called "fire quads." (We thought she said fire crotch; I was expecting something a little more interesting). Basically, you and your partner have a resistance band and one of you runs up the hill backward while the other pulls you by the resistance band. About as much fun as having a piece of chocolate cake taken away from you just as you got to take a bite. Actually, no worse. It's a good workout; better than I thought. I may or may not go to the gym after some days. We'll see. Maybe at night if I work a day shift. I would like to take the yoga and dance classes they offer, get some use out of the $50 I spend a month. I'm changing gyms in January and getting a total deal. No, I am. Because if you can't give me $30 a month or cheaper, I'll bring my slightly smaller ass somewhere else. I know working out in LA is like breathing, but jeez! We're all struggling actors/musicians/etc! Give us all a break! Also, a word to the wise:Don't join Gold's Gym unless they give you the price and amenities that you want. I pay $50, which is basically for all the classes even though they do have a bunch of equipment. No pool, no sauna, no steam room. They try and get you to buy personal training sessions while you're telling them you're paying off a credit card. They stare you down until you feel you can't leave without buying sessions. They give you all this crap about supplements when the fact of the matter is, you don't need 'em. Eat healthy and work out and you'll be good to go. You don't wanna be super jacked, right? Okay, then you don't need that shit. I WILL say that the manager at the gym I go to is super nice and is looking to rectify situations in which her employees maybe crossed a line, which is good. But apart from her and the guy that I signed up with, I think they're a bunch of a-holes looking to get you to spend all your money. So just don't.

Well, I'm going to attempt to cross a few things off my list. TTFN and Imma try to make this a regular thing! It's like therapy but cheaper.

-Lizz xoxo

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hey, y'all...

I know it's been a while, and it is due in part to the fact that I am a fickle friend. To real people and to this internet blog. I always say I'll call; that I'll set up a date and then oops! Six weeks later, and I'm still nowhere closer to winning that friend of the year award. So first off, to all of you that I've neglected these last few months, know that it isn't personal. I'm trying to find balance in my life among financial struggles, trying to survive and falling in love.

AAAnd while we're on the topic, let's get something straight. Some people would say it's not wise to discuss one's personal life on a supposed work-centric forum. And if I were Katy Perry, I might agree with them. But, at least for now, I'm NOT her, and there are certainly no paparazzi banging on my door for the latest scandal involving me and my lovah. Plus, for me, my music life and my personal life have always been very much intertwined, so I may as well speak on the both of them.

Without going into too much detail, my boyfriend is wonderful and I am very much enjoying spending time with him and getting to know all the little things that make him who he is. I give credit to him, partially, for getting me out of my writing slump and helping me to see that there are certainly many things to live for. I had a period of bleak uncertainty after my father passed when I questioned everything and everyone and my writing was going nowhere. Being with my boyfriend offered me a new outlook on life and happiness. Also, getting back into the gym, meeting new people at work and learning to find the positive in each negative experience has helped goad me back into happy territory. I think since I've moved to LA I've learned a lot more about myself too, and I'm learning to be a grown-up. I certainly won't win an adult-of-the-year trophy either, but I'm getting there. It's all a learning process, which leads me to...

My new song. It's about my boyfriend, a major duh! if you couldn't figure THAT one out. So far, I'm getting great feedback. (Leave some of your own! It's called "...With You" and it's on my youtube channel). This song has been in the works for about a month, usually a bit longer than it takes me to get a song that I like where I want it to be. As an artist, it can be hard figuring out whether something you've created sounds good or great, and whether it will have appeal to anyone besides you. Sometimes you feel you can't quite find the right words, or capture the right emotions (or sometimes it takes six songs to get down everything you feel). Putting your creations out there is one of the most terrifying feelings in the world, REGARDLESS of whether you're Katy Perry and everyone knows who you are and is waiting for you to fail. Getting great positive feedback on this newest creation has lifted my confidence and enabled me to fear getting back out on the scene a lot less. I'm starting to plan writing sessions into my days, and I'm trying some different approaches. Whatever way it comes out, my followers and fans can always expect consistency from me: I tell it like it is. I don't smooth over the rough, and I don't dampen the joy at all.

So to anybody paying attention, watch out. Big things are coming for me, little by little, just you wait. Let's all try and find the happiness in each day and put it forward into the world.

Love you all!