Friday, October 26, 2012


      Okay, LA people. What the heck is up with none of y'all being able to drive? Like, SERIOUSLY!

     On Wednesday, I was out running some errands around town and LITERALLY every boneheaded driving move that can be made WAS MADE BY THE DRIVERS AROUND ME! It's like, come on people, I understand that sometimes you make a mistake or you have poor judgment. But this was INSANITY. I literally was yelling at them in my car. Like...

-Homegirl is supposed to stop at her stop sign. I'm there first. She goes basically right through it, so good thing I'm a defensive driver.

-Dude finds a parking spot, but instead of slowing down and using his turn signal he just stops and then just starts turning into the spot. But, like let me in on this secret. What do LA people have against turn signals? What did a turn signal ever do to you?

-Man in a very large truck (most likely with a very small penis) is on my ass at every stop sign. Like, is it necessary for you to make me feel guilty about making more of a complete stop than most other people do? I'm not gonna sit there for 5 minutes, but let me at least show the stop sign some respect and slow down for it.

-Some idiot in a teeny tiny car is driving so fast, that when I make a right turn into his lane, he decides he can't wait two seconds for me to speed up and then weaves in and out of both lanes until he gets to the lights- which, may I add, I'm right behind him for all them.

-Amigo on the freeway decides he is going to change lanes a bit after I do, but he isn't paying attention and almost side-swipes me. No WONDER the freeways here freak me out! Blind spots and 5 lanes and people not paying attention!! I used my turn signal, you dumbass!

     At any moment in time, if you listened to a recording of me in the car by myself, I'd either be harmonizing along to the radio or calling some lady a dumb bitch for doing something stupid. I'll usually be like, "Oh, okay, honey, well if you don't want to stop, then you should just go right ahead then. Please." Oh and one more thing. Pedestrians? I don't care if you are homeless, 100 years old, on a bike, or walking in stilettos but GET THE EFF OUT OF THE ROAD IF YOU DON'T SEE THE LITTLE WHITE PERSON. Why you gotta make me miss my ENTIRE green light because you walk really slow and decided you'd just make a go for it whenever your little heart desired. Guess what? You got a little brain too. And it's not working for me. I'll give you the right of way most times. But I expect a little courtesy and respect too. You watch out for me, I'll watch out for you.

 I'm sorry, but this all just had to come out. I can't handle all the crazy sometimes! Especially with the crazy I deal with at my job! I'm in the market for a second job...I'm on the lookout for something like an administrative assistant position at a music company. Because I can't have the restaurant be my only source of income anymore...I'm not making as much money and I just can't remain the friendly, nice, caring person I know I am when these hoes are bringing me down on a constant basis.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Oh, hello there lost blog readers. If you're still out there, that is. 

    To give an update, I'm still at the same old job, still getting treated like the rug under peoples' dirty shoes, and still not making the money I could/should be making. Look, I get it. At the end of the day, its a job. But I'm kind of over it. I'd love to work at a music company, so I'm looking into that for January. In the meantime, I'm discovering ways to jump-start my career however odd or improbable they may seem. Gotta do something because living month to month was just NOT what I signed up for.

  Thank goodness for all the wonderful, fun and kind people in my life, because you keep me going. I've written a few new songs lately, which will be added to the list of "possibilities for the next record." The BF and I are seeing Toto tomorrow, which I'm SUPER pumped about. I thought they weren't touring anymore so when I heard on the radio they were going to be on Jack FM's "7th Show" I looked around online and found they were performing at a SoCal casino! I probably will be the youngest person in the room, but who cares? Getting to see your favorite bands is the coolest thing ever. Who knows if/when they will ever tour again? Steely Dan was so worth the $125. Toto will be awesome. Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs, Mat Kearney, Maroon 5, Sia, etc. I hate spending money on concerts, because usually they aren't pre-planned into my budgets, but I LOVE going to concerts. There's nothing like live music...unless you have to stand all night and then I usually wish I were lying in bed listening to the recording. I'm sorry, but I just can't enjoy a concert standing up like I can enjoy one sitting down. You're able to relax and just let the music surround you.

  I recently read this book called "White Girl Problems" which wasn't what I was expecting but was an enjoyable fluff read all the same. My sister always says that I have "rich white girl problems" which of course is a problem in itself seeing as though I am not rich. At this juncture, actually, very far from it. I've been doing alright budgeting my money and whatnot, its just that I always want for things, which I guess is okay, but in this town it seems like everyone is all about instant gratification, and everyone just calls Dad and Grampy-pants for money and its all gravy. Look, I get it. That's awesome that you have some cushion there. And I know if something terrible were to happen, of course my family would help me out financially. But apart from bomb-ass birthday gifts, I don't want handouts. Yeah, it would be difficult for me to afford my contact lenses and health insurance at this point. But I wouldn't want to be so lax about my income/job/financial situation that I get fired left and right and always think/hope my family is going to pick up the pieces of MY mistakes. When do we start holding ourselves accountable for our own successes and our own failures?

  I've been participating in a monthly book club, which is really fun. Its a group of girls of varying tastes and intellect, which is cool. Each month is sort of a gossipfest/book club/potluck sort of deal, and I've been trying out new recipes each month which has been really fun. This month I made a Devil's Food Cake with Hazelnut Crunch from Bon Appetit. It was really good, although I would make some modifications if I decided to make it again. I think next month I'm going to make something savory. Our next book is Angela's Ashes. I've heard of it, but it was never something I particularly wanted to read. We'll see how it is!

   I've also gotten sick of gaining weight and not being able to fit into all the lovely things in my closet that I spent good money on. I've decided on Sundays, I'm going to make a meal plan for the week, and then I'll shop and prep stuff on Mondays, which I usually have off from work. So far, I've made Italian Wedding Soup with whole wheat orzo which is one of my fave soups, and i froze 4 little containers for the next week or so. I made Cilantro-Lime Chicken the other night and OH GEEZ. I don't even really LOVE chicken, but this was OH SO GOOD. Trying to eat more veggies, snack on healthier things, and not eat out/get fast food as much. Like almost never. I'd like to maybe do one night out to a decent restaurant a month, and then other than that, just make meals in. I didn't realize how much money I was spending on food outside the kitchen until last month, and it was crazy. Not only is it not good for my body, its not good for my bank account. So no more of that.

   Looking forward to taking my trips home for Turkey Day and then to the BF's home in December. Vacations are always nice, but I think these will be much needed and really good for us. 

   Definitely going to start blogging more again (its so therapeutic!) but in the meantime, keep an eye on my twitter and youtube to see what I'm to! Big shout-out to all of you who believe in me! Love you!


Monday, April 2, 2012


I don't even know where to start. It has certainly been a while since I last tried to put some thoughts down.

Watching a certain singing show got me to thinking. I won't name any names or anything, but I may go off right now. TAKE COVER!

First off, like I just posted on twitter..."People. Weird and different are not always synonyms for good. Talent is talent. Weird and different are just weird and different." Not that weird and different aren't good sometimes, but come ON. Just because you sound like nobody else does not NECESSARILY mean that you are talented. EMOTION, PEOPLE. Emotion is a big deal. And actually being able to sing the notes in your song helps too. Look, I get it. If you are cute, people listen and pay attention. That's great. But ya gotta be able to look beyond that. Our industry needs some POWER. And that means REAL artists who can perform well but also sing their asses off. Also, just because you can run all over town and scream does not necessarily mean you are talented. Thank you, the few people in this world who tell it like it is.

ANYWAY onto other things. BF and I moved into a new apartment in February and although its not perfect, its what we need for the time being. Meanwhile, I'm still at a job that I'm not enthralled with. Some days, it takes everything I have not to have a freak-out. I have been booking gigs and preparing for my next career move. I'm getting off my ass and starting to make things happen for myself. I made a goal list starting with my end-game and moving backwards. I'm tackling the little things, and I'll work my way up to the big things. I've got a solo gig at Lola's on Wed. April 11 (Gotta figure out my set list- depends on what I feel comfortable playing myself!!) and a gig with my friends and co-worker Paul Haasch at Genghis Cohen on April 23 (AHHHH again gotta get a set list going and touch base with my musicians!) But I'm excited because I'm going to be performing again and working towards my goals. I've been eating healthier, will be eating even more healthier and I'm establishing a firmer gym schedule. I figure getting on a better schedule, eating healthy, going to the gym and making music will make me feel better and hate my current daily grind a little less.

Okay, more later. !!