Friday, October 8, 2010


Okay, so to start off, here are the pics from yesterday well as the ones from today. Video is down below. Please watch them in their entirety, as they are freaking hilarious. Or at least we think so.

And then for today. We actually left Lincoln right on time- around 8 AM. We grabbed a little Panera for the road and then started back out on the world's flattest interstate with the world's most boring scenery. There were no more Kum & Gos, but we found various other gems along the way that I think are best just described via picture, really. We stopped at Penny's Diner in North Platte, Nebraska today and we got burgers and pie. Kristi said the cherry pie was the worst she ever had and it tasted like dish soap. We put the half eaten plate in front of Karen to make it look like she didn't like it and that's why we left it half-eaten.

Today went basically according to schedule and it wasn't a bad drive. We hit a bitty thunderstorm as Heather's palms were sweating and she was freaking out about being sucked into a tornado funnel like Dorothy and Toto. It was very Eeyore-esque; for five minutes you'd be in cloudless blue sky and then for another five you'd have a huge thundercloud hanging over your head, and ample lightning.

We were feeling a bit uncomfortable after the 8-hour plus ride so we got out to walk across the street to the Holiday Inn for dinner, passing the infamous bar with the titty shows on the side. Dinner was eh, but what do you expect from the Holiday Inn I guess? There was a quinceanera going on the hotel, with a bunch of preteen girls dressed like strippers with Snooki hair. We decided that we are going to open up a restaurant called Elbow, which will serve many options of macaroni and macaroni only. And maybe some pie too. Coconut Creme and other tasty kinds. That won't taste like dish soap.

On our way to the Super Target across the street from our hotel room, we came across a bunny and a store called Fantasties which sold stripper heels and sexy Halloween costumes and frilly panties. Karen got her freak on and tried on some stuff. She was still pissed we didn't stop at the Lion's Den yesterday for her adult videos. After Fantasties we went to Target and had a great time- we made a little ode to Britney Spears and all things schoolgirl trash charm.

Back at the hotel, we jumped into the hot tub which felt amazing. And now we are hitting the hay EARLY so we can wake up at 4:15 tomorrow to be in Vegas in time to rest for a bit, shower and PARTYYYYYY!!!!

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  1. i have been trying to post for days now. guess i need "Post A Comment on Blogs for Dummies." Anyways.... I think your blog is awesome, Lizz. It's funny, hilarious really. You have me laughing out loud all throughout. Charlotte's new love interest moved to I-O-WA. Really.... nothin' but porno shops every 20 miles and dead corn! hahahah. I watched the video in its entiretly. Heheheh. Tatooed truckers and dead corn. What a combo! Well.... have a blast in Vegas. Love, Alice